Netbulae designs and implements cloud infrastructures for private, hybrid and public clouds.

We design the infrastructure that you need. Netbulae partners with you to
understand your IT needs and design the system that fits your organization best.

Many IT departments emerged incrementally over the last 20-30 years and grew into a patchwork of old and new soft- and hardware. The result is a legacy system with suboptimal performance: different parts are not attuned and cause delays, network downtime, software crashes and security risks. In short, daily irritations, but also serious interruptions to work and company risks that can cost you. At some point it is wiser and cheaper to replace the system instead of increasing the IT budget to keep an old system operative.

Netbulae designs infrastructures within which all parts are attuned, assuring optimal functioning of soft- and hardware. Through using open-source software and a modular design, flexibility is guaranteed. In this way we prevent ‘vendor lock-in’ so that you stay free in your choice of software that will operate on the infrastructure. Additionally, within Nebulae’s designs innovations are easy to implement. This means that your IT infrastructure is not just high-end now, but is also future-proof.

Benefits of the cloud

  • Reduction of total IT costs up to 30-40%
  • Efficient: low management, operational and maintenance costs
  • Flexible: easy to scale, without additional personnel
  • Reduction of square footage in datacenter up to 40%
  • Reliable because of less downtime
  • Easy and quick deployment of new software
  • Future-proof

Are you interested? For more information and details about technical specifications of our clouds, please contact:

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