Netbulae designs and implements cloud infrastructures for private, hybrid and public clouds.


We design the infrastructure you need. Netbulae thinks with you – Based on consultation, we estimate your IT needs and we design the system that best fits your business.


Many IT departments have evolved over time and have grown into a patchwork of old and new hardware and software. As a result, the system works suboptimally: components are not matched, causing delays, crashes, and networks, software and security risks. In short, daily irritations, as well as serious work disturbances and business risks with a cost tag attached. At some point, it is wiser and cheaper to completely replace the system instead of scrubbing the management costs to keep everything running.


When designing an infrastructure, Netbulae deletes all components within the system so that soft and hardware work optimally. By using open source software and a modular design, flexibility is guaranteed. This prevents “vendor lockin”, leaving you free of choice for the software you run on the system. In addition, our designs are easy to implement innovations, making the system ready for the future.


Cloud benefits:

  • Total IT costs reduced by 30-40%
  • Efficient: create management, operational and maintenance costs
  • Flexible: Easy to scale without extra staff
  • Floor area in data center reduced to 40%
  • Reliable by lesser time
  • Easy and fast install of new software
  • Future proof


    For more information and details about the technical specifications of our clouds, please contact: